The Cirque de Navacelles

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Grand Site de France Cirque de Navacelles
Cirque de Navacelles

A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Up on the Causse plateau, the Navacelles amphitheater and the Vis river gorge offer a unique spectacle dating back 2 to 3 million years, which is how long it took the river to trace its way through the limestone.

Higher up, the pastures of the southern Larzac offer infinite undulating landscapes, punctuated by dolmens and menhirs.

Lying in the heart of the “Causses and Cevennes” natural park the Cirque de Navacelles was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011 and is an ecological and geological marvel. The 300m-deep canyon is the result of a cut-off bend of the Vis river.

It has been a member of the Grands Sites de France since January 2017 and a member of the Grands Sites Occitanie since April 2018.

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The Cirque de Navacelles

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