Wine & health

What is responsible drinking?

Responsible drinking is a question of balance between knowledge, pleasure, respect and self-control. It is drinking occasionally, moderately and without affecting your health or others.

Discovering all aspects of wine, knowing how to taste it and drink it, is something you learn and share.

Guidelines exist which allow you to taste the right amount of wine and still do it justice.

How to measure your drinking?

Knowing the right tasting techniques and how to measure your own consumption, allows you to control your daily drinking at home, at a restaurant or amongst professionals. There are many measures available to help you: alcohol units, alcohol levels for men and women, legal drink driving levels, the number of servings in a bottle… all of which are there to ensure that wine remains a drink to be shared with friends as part of a lifestyle. Whatever the colour or label, wine should be consumed reasonably and pleasurably.

For more information visit: Vin et Société

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